Tanya Micallef

" All the ladies at Pawlish are fantastic and efficient. Bruno came out looking handsome as ever and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to groom and care for him! Thank you ladies!!! "

Lisa Cavasinni

" The girls at Pawlish are wonderful!!!... I had such a hard time finding someone that could groom Squiggy (Squiggy is a rescued dog and suffers from anxiety) I had complaints from past groomers of difficulty handling him or biting ( he only has six teeth!?!?) and he would come home partially groomed or butchered coat a total mess and completely stressed out.

But then one day he met Tara and instantly he was so much more relaxed and each time he came home from being groomed he looks so amazing and i cant stress how much much more relaxed he is.

Thank you Tara and Natasha
We wish you the best in your journey! Squiggy looks forward to his next fluff and puff before Christmas!

Lisa and Squiggy "

Jon Rasmussen

" You'd be hard pressed to find more accommodating and quality groomers. Aside from the fantastic job they do, their customer service is beyond exceptional. The first time I brought Bella there, she came out after her grooming looking and feeling like a million bucks, they went above and beyond with the extras and made the whole ordeal a pleasure. "

Magda Madzia

" Great groomers! Ladies are really nice and take good care of our Ama. Tara has been Ama's groomer since day one. We have tried a couple of times different places but always return! Our dog smells soooo good and the hair stays clean of tangles for a long time! Recommend Tara to all our friends!!! "

Derek Mccoll

" Took Jack here for the first time today. They done a great job fabulous service and kind staff we will be visiting again. "

Sarah Muelli

" Absolutely love Natasha as my groomer and even better my pup loves her too!!! She does an amazing job every single time and laddie leaves happy and perky too :) "