Services Bath and Brush Standard Groom Premium Groom Luxury Groom
Professional Styling
Beauty Bath
Blueberry Facial
Moisturizing Treatments
Ear Care
Tender Love and Care
Teeth Brushing
Nail Grinding
Express Service
  • Teeth Brushing - $10

  • Dematting - $15 per 15 minutes

  • Shedless Treatment - $10 to $20

  • Temporary Fur Colouring - $10 to $15

  • Permanent Fur Colouring - $15 to $20

  • Specialty Bath (flea bath, de-skunk) - $15

  • Express Service - $20

  • Nail Trimming - $15

  • Nail Trimming + Nail Grinding - $25

  • Nail Trimming + Pad Shaving - $25

  • Nail Trimming + Pad Shaving + Nail Grinding - $30

  • Nail Trimming + Pad Shaving + Foot Trimming - $30

  • Pad Shaving - $15

  • Ear Cleaning - $15

  • Ear Cleaning + Nail Trimming - $25

  • Face Trim - $20

  • Face Trim + Nail Trimming - $25

  • Sanitary Cleaning (Pad Shaving, Groin Cleanup, Bum Trim) - $30

Service Details

Styling is where most of the magic happens! This is the part where we get to use our professional skills to make your dog look great. Our style is versitile, which allows us to produce the look that you want. You name it, and we'll let you know if we can achieve it! One thing is for certain, your dog will be turning heads, both doggie and their personal servant's heads...we mean HUMANS!

Allow your pet to experience a luxurious bath with premium bathing products. Here at Pawlish, we use products that are gentle on your dogs skin but they also thoroughly clean your dog's coat. When your dog walks out our door, they will be leaving with a shine. Products are also chosen based on your dog's specific needs.

This gentle facial masque is included in the grooming package. The blueberry facial not only helps with removing facial staining, but it also leaves your dog's face smelling great for days!

Each individual dog requires different products to bring out the best in their coat. In order to achieve this, we use moisturizing treatments which help to prevent dry skin. Dull looking coats can be lifted with moisture and shine. Be sure to inform us of any skin related problems your dog may have so that we can choose the right products for your dog.

A dogs nails are an essential part of their foot. When their nails get too long it can make it hard for them to walk and lead to more serious problems. At Pawlish, we include a pawdicure with every groom and also offer it as an individual service. With regular trimming we can keep your dogs nails shorter and help maintain healthy paws.

Included in every grooming package, we gently wipe out your dogs ears with a gentle ear cleaner, removing wax and other build up. This leaves your dogs ears looking and smelling better, and also helps to prevent infections and other problems that can arise. Ear care is very important and we'll do what we can you help maintain a healthy looking ear.

We know how scary a trip to the grooming salon can be for your dog. Which is why we do our utmost best to provide a safe, calm and loving environment for them. Through positive reinforcement, we encourage your dog throughout the entire grooming routine. We treat all furry companions as if they were our own. Which is why we have included lots of hugs and kisses in the grooming package.