Natasha Goletz, Co-owner
Professional Dog Groomer

Natasha is a Co-owner of Pawlish. She shares her life with Destiny, a Pomeranian, and Tyson, a Rottweiler. There is never a dull moment in Natasha's life with these two around. Natasha took the animal care program at Sheridan College where she took a particular interest in the grooming program back in 2011. After graduating, with high honors and winning the Nancy Bryson Grooming Award, Natasha continued developing her skills as a dog groomer. She has found her true passion.

Natasha, Professional Dog Groomer

My Puppies


Meet Destiny. She is the sassy princess of the bunch. She has special powers you know. With her cute looks she can make anyone do exactly what she wants! Especially when it comes to treats! She is full of life and character. Come on by and meet the little diva.

Destiny, Natasha's dog


Tyson is the newest addition to Natasha's household. He truly is the biggest suck and lets Destiny boss him around. He is the best snuggler around and will do anything for a pat. He also LOVES to lick, so watch out for that tongue because he will slobber all over you!

Tyson, Natasha's dog

Tara Reid, Co-owner
Professional Dog Groomer

Tara is a Co-owner of Pawlish. She shares her life with Sprocket, a very special Golden Retriever and two Shetland Sheepdogs Tilly (black and white) and Angel (tan and white). Tara has been a dog groomer for 8 years and her skills continue to flourish as the years go by. Her gentle hand and calm disposition truly reflects in her outstanding quality of work.

Tara, Professional Dog Groomer

My Puppies


Our Tilly girl is also known as Casaborg's Miss Tilly. Her best buddy is her older brother Sprocket. Miss Tilly is very confident and full of spunk. If you talk to her she will talk back, especially if what you're saying involves a ball. One of her favourite pass times is sucking on a blanket, so if you find a wet spot, Tilly is definitely somewhere close by!

Tilly, Tara's dog