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Thank you for taking the time to pass by! Here at Pawlish, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Receive the individual tender care your cherished companion deserves in a safe, calm, and loving environment. Prior to grooming, we will asses your dogs skin and coat which will indicate what products are appropriate to use. Our number one priority is working within your dogs comforts. Creating a relaxing environment is important to us which we apply through positive reinforcement. Afterall, a day at the spa should be enjoyed. So come on by and let your dog decide!

What We Offer

We strongly believe in quality over quantity. With that said, each individual dog is unique to us and requires their own specific needs. We will take the time before each grooming session to discuss these needs with you. If you want your dog's eyelashes left long, we will leave them long. If you want your dog to have a mohawk, we will give your dog a mohawk, if you want your dog's tail coloured with temporary/washable fur colouring, we will accommodate that for you! We will go over exactly what you want to ensure you're 100% satisfied! Check out our services page for more information.

Are You Aware of Our Referral Program?

We have implemented a referral program to say "Thank You" to all the people who have such lovely things to say about us. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and truly value you and all the new customers you send our way. By referring a friend to Pawlish The Dog Spa, you will receive a $5 credit towards your dog's grooming session, for a limit of 1 credit per grooming session. Be sure to remind your friends who sent them our way!

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